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(EDV Technical And Management Services Co.)

We are a training and consultancy company that values the progressive process of engaging the people and introducing disciplines that vitalize organizations to achieve better and more sustainable results.



We conduct dialogues with the major stakeholders of the organization. This process enables us to learn more about the organization, its vision and mission, and to assess where the organization is at present and where it desires to journey on or desires to achieve. This phase also helps us to know more about the organization’s capacities, learning and needs.


This phase enables us to design the action plans or training programs based on the engagement. Here we introduce tools, processes and designed curriculum that fit the organizations needs that would enable them to achieve desired impact or goals. We facilitate learning of disciplines and tools so stakeholders could apply it in their contexts until desired impact is achieved.


This phase aims for continuity and sustainability of the programs offered. We supply a monitoring and evaluation system to measure progress and redesign the training curriculum to achieve the organization’s desired impact. We also work on collecting the best practices and lessons learned for the organization’s long-term and continued improvement.


Competency-based Learning
Customized Training
Committed Consulting


Competency-Based Learning

To achieve targeted results, we focus on the abilities of people. We highly value your existing knowledge and experiences, and reality at work. We design learning events that fit your context and competencies, and we are open and honest about the feasibility of achieving your determination for learning and transformation.

Customized Training

We put premium in your uniqueness and story. Together, we will discover what “even better” means within your context. During our engagement phase, we will start mapping your previous experiences and personal learning desires. We will endeavor to customize our training courses to your needs. Our training designs are holistic and participatory, making the learning process more meaningful and sustainable.

Committed Consultancy

Our desire is to help you measure the performance, sustainability and achievement of intended outputs, outcomes or impacts. We introduce disciplines that will help you assess and carefully monitor whether you are still on the right track and enable you to adapt better methods and systems as needed. By trying out and jointly reflecting on new work methods and approaches, we aim to help you gain new insights that are ‘ready-for-use’ in your daily work.


  • Erickson Velardo
    Erickson VelardoCEO, TRAINER AND CONSULTANTErickson is a graduate of MBA in Biblical Stewardship and Christian Management at Asian Theological Seminary, Quezon City (2007). He was the National Director of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Philippines from 2008 to 2011. And he worked as the MBA Program Coordinator at Asian Theological Seminary from 2011 to 2012.
  • Dot Velardo
    Dot VelardoCOO, TRAINER AND CONSULTANTDot is a graduate of Professional Christian Fundraising at Asian Theological Seminary, Quezon City (2009). She was the Communications Manager at Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Philippines from 2008 to2011. And she worked as the Coordinator and Fundraiser of the Theological Forum of Asian Theological Seminary from 2011 to 2014.

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Valuing People, Vitalizing Organizations through our Engaging, Disciplining and Vitalizing process.
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